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 19 April 2017 ~ Added new spring tubes. 

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08 April 2017 ~ Added around 100 new Easter tubes for the mini chubs.

16 March 2017 ~ Added around 80 new Easter tubes with bunnies and chicks in them.

February 27, 2017 ~ added 49 St Patricks Day tubes.

February 5, 2017 ~ Added a few more valentines tubes and also a file i made to pull all the chubs accessories together so i don't have to keep opening all my other files!   :D

January 28, 2017 - Added a new font, MPPMyValentine.  Updated my freebie penguins file.

January 14, 2017 - Added 98 Polly Penguin Valentine tubes and my old lines i tubed them from.

December 15, 2016 - Added at least 70 more winter/Christmas Chubs tubes to the members area.

December 4, 2016 - Added an Odds n Ends tubes file mostly of stuff i grabbed from other tube packs and modified or recolored, but a few new things in there too.

Nov 30, 2016 - added more new wintery tubes - see the samples page for pictures - over 60 new tubes.

Nov 15, 2016 - added new wintery tubes - see the samples page for pictures - over 100 new tubes (the greenery is my original from siggie piggie that i've recolored).

Oct 18, 2016 - Snowman Tubes added to the member area - just over 80 of them.  Also posted the 2016 content in psd format at one members request.  Enjoy :D

Oct 9, 2016.  Okay i rushed a bit towards the end, but I'm super excited to release the Mallory costumes, and I made a few halloweeny backgrounds to go with.  Feel free to do what you will with them, chop em and dice em however you need to work with them!  Have fun :D

Oct 8, 2016.  Any of my older members remember the tiny tickles?  Well she was an original to me that i had available at Siggie Piggie way back when ... anyways she is back with around 90 new tubes in new vibrant fall colors, hope you enjoy!

Sept 29, 2016:  Added the greyscale lines to go with yesterdays tubes.  Also please note that if you already downloaded them, please do so again, there was one layer that got missed from my greyscale file and it's super cute!!!  Added the 35 Rhiana bases previously released, she is the doll in the 3 costumes from my latest tube set, hope you like <3.

Sept 28, 2016:  Added just under 100 new Fall/Halloween tubes with a few costumes for an older doll of mine, hope you like <3.

Sept 20, 2016:  Added over 100 more tubes as well as the grayscale lines for them for Tatty Bear Fall.  Also a

dded a few old penguin tubes to the freebies area.Sept 17, 2016:  Added over 300 Berliner Baerin tubes from my old member area, added over 50 Doodles n Lines tubes from my old Siggie Piggie site, added over 150 Kiona Creek tubes from my old Siggie Piggie site, added 24 Lil Pixie Haven as is lineart from my old member area, added over 140 My Doodles tubes from my old member area, added over 200 Pixelkins tubes from my old Siggie Piggie site, added over 100 Rosey Posey Pixels Squishums tubes from my old member area.

Sept 16, 2016:  Added 66 new Tatty Bear Fall Tubes to the members area, and also the greyscale lines to go with them.

Sept 15, 2016:  Added another new font today called MPPPretty.  Hope you like!  Please be sure to read the terms of use.  Thanks! <3

Sept 14, 2016:  Added another new font today for back to school called MPPSchoolMe.  Hope you like!  Please be sure to read the terms of use.  Thanks! <3  I'm working on tubing some lineart I recently purchased, I should have a members update soon.

Sept 9, 2016:  I've been away for awhile lol so I'm trying to get back to work now.  I've revised a few fonts and added a few new ones, hope you enjoy.  You can find the link to them under my freeware link and also in the member area under fonts.  Please be sure to read the terms of use.  Thanks! <3

October 20, 2014:  Well i'd hoped to get more halloween costumes finished before now but i'm running out of time so i've uploaded what i've made for the chubs halloween pack - hope you enjoy.  I also added the greyscale form for them as well as greyscale for a bunch of other tube packs i'd already posted.

September 25, 2014:  Added some Bernie Sheep Tubes, Greyscale Tubes, and Outlines to the member area, the Chubs Fall and Ribbons and Lace tubes in Greyscale and Outlines, as well as the Gretta and Sadie Halloween tubes in Greyscale.

September 22, 2014:  Added some Fall Tubes for the chubs

September 15, 2014:  Added a new font, MPPTopsyTurvy to the font freebies

September 8, 2014:  Added 17 Ribbons n Lace tubes to the members area.

September 7, 2014:  Added the outlines for the Gretta Halloween set

September 6, 2014:  Added about 90 new Gretta Halloween tubes

September 2, 2014:  Added 80 new Sadie Halloween tubes

August 28, 2014:  Repackaged and added back a few more than 225 tubes from the Berliner Baerin Plumply Crows lines I colored awhile ago.  I thought they needed to go back since they are autumn themed of course.

August 24, 2014:  Okay I was bitten by the font bug lol - I've added 9 fonts to the member area and another 2 to the freebies section.  Hope you like them, they were fun to make!

August 22, 2014:  I've repackaged my mice lineart that used to be in the member area and put it back along with tubes to go with them, and also added more chubs bear tubes.  Enjoy <3

August 21, 2014:  I've repackaged some of the freebie lines and added some new tubes under freebies.  Please be sure to read over the terms of use.

August 18, 2014:  I've reloaded 118 of the Wendy tubes to the member area, 17 birthday themed clipart from Primsy Resale, and I've also added 57 new Big Furries tubes.

August 16th, 2014:  I've uploaded a few things to the member area.  One is a little panda TUBE pack I made awhile ago using outlines from Cute Creations.  I've also added some smilies to my FREEBIES section - really cute little kitties (some of you have seen them already through the secret vanilla patch forum).  You can now find some of my old TUTORIALS that have been added once again... Some of them are out of date though so I'll be working on that at some point.  The last is a set of clipart I purchased awhile ago from Primsy Resale.  I had intended to set up my site to resell these sorts of things but well I didn't get it done, so I've obtained permission from the creator to offer these cuties inside my members area. 

August 5, 2014:  Blast from the past!  I've uploaded some old as-is tubes I purchased before Cottage Kreations and Premade Pixels went offline.  I used to have them posted just at Siggie Piggie, so these will be new to MPP members I think?!  Anyways, hope you enjoy.  If you'd like to see some new clothes or hair for these girls leave a note in the message board please. 

  July 31, 2014:  Well it's official, I've been welcomed to the PCTG.  Take the collections link below if you want to check out my PCTG site. 

  July 27, 2014:  Added tubes and lines for Mallory.  I used just the one hair color so feel free to recolor the hair tubes as you like. 

  Jul 26, 2014:  Look who's back!  :P  I'm just reorganizing a bit so most of the content is down at the moment.  I reloaded the chubs outlines and also some new chubs tubes from stuff i've been doodling over the last week or so, hope you like! 

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