Hi, I'm Donna.  I'm a wife to the man of my dreams, and mother to 5 wonderful Children ages 18, 16, 16, 14 and 10.  We live on a farm in a cozy little community in Western Canada that's been my home most of my life.  I'm a book keeper for a manufacturing company and also for myself and my parents various ventures.

I started pixel painting sometime in 2003.  I believe it was October of that year that I started up my own membership website.  I was open for just over 3 years the first time around.  I started to go through some things in my life that took my attention away from the pixel community and on to other things.  I ended up closing up sometime after that because I was unable to commit myself to my pixel work any longer.  In May 2009 I started to draw a little again, for WhuddleWorld.  I've enjoyed working with the staff there, I'm so sad that it's now gone.  I'm slowly getting my site up and running again - adding new and old content as I'm able to!

Soooo .. no promises, but I think I'm back... again :)